Musical parenting pitfalls

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Musical Chairs aka Get Off My Kid’s Chair!

Goodness me isn’t Musical Chairs a brutal game?!

Come on kids, off the bouncy castle and gather over here,  we’re going to get you all together then systematically make you cry one at a time.

I made the critical mistake of removing my son’s chair as the first chair. Of course when the music stops the kids all run back to their original chair! With my wife whispering under her breath “always going to happen”, I have to try to shoo my son back towards the remaining seats.

There is one empty chair left, my son and I on one side of the hall, a mum and her equally confused son on the other side.

What do I do?! Every part of my upbringing is shouting “after you, M’am, please”. But then I don’t want my son to go out in the first round. Cue the comically slow trot towards the chair. OK I’m almost there, we’re going to take this seat unless you start moving soon. No? You are kind of moving forward but not enough to beat us, you’re sure? You realise this means you’ll be out? OK, sit down son. Cue over the top praise for partaking in a game.

And so the rounds continue, one child loosing out each time until there a two kids running around one chair and pockets of crying children dotted throughout the hall.

So, suitably confused as to whether I’m teaching him a healthy amount of competitive spirit or just crushing his spirit one chair at a time, I continue to plan party games for his birthday.

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