MANternity Day 1: I think we will need some quiet Rock n Roll.

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Today has been great. By “great” I mean today has been nice and fun but not run according to plan in anyway. I’ve essentially done little else than run errands and keep the kids alive.

I thought we’d have breakfast, I’d tidy away the suitcases and then tidy the kitchen and leave the house by 10am.

At 1030am I was having a frantic dry shave in the downstairs toilet, I’d managed to empty but not put away the suitcases and gotten nowhere near the kitchen. Since leaving the house I’ve realised half the nappy bag consists of a Hooter Hider and spare breast pads; must have a purge before tomorrow.

I texted a mum that I know about meeting up for lunch but she was busy and asked when else I was available for a play date, I’ve been too busy to text her back, that was 4 hours ago.

I’m writing this while sat in the supermarket carpark, two asleep children in the backseat, watching my planned timeline tick by but still in no way brave enough to wake either child.

So yes, so far, going great!

The kids have had breakfast and lunch and it looks like I’ll remember to buy dinner, everything else is a bonus right? I have even eaten lunch myself, I consider this a personal victory as often that doesn’t happen when a work.

Any thoughts I had of spending car time during these months educated my offspring on the divinity of Rock n Roll have been dashed after the following conversation with my (almost) 4 year old five minutes into an hour long drive:

Me: “Do you like the music buddy?”

(I was playing the We Are Harlot album)

Son: “err…yes, but it is a bit loud”

Me: *turns music down slightly* “how’s that?”

Son: “I think it is still a bit loud”

Me: “it’s Rock n Roll buddy, it’s meant to be played loud”

Son: “I think you need to find quiet Rock n Roll”

Me: “There is no such thing as quiet Rock n Roll”

Son: “err…well” (I can tell he is thinking of a come back) “well I think you need to find quiet Rock n Roll because the baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake the baby” (damn you logical child!)

*the track comes to natural end and there is a momentary pause*

Son: “That’s better Daddy”

Ok…child is stirring…must dash, MANternity calls!

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