Copenhagen street food – Parirøen, Paper Island

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Before kids we used to enjoy a nice restaurant, romantic table for two and posh unique food. Remember those days?

It’s not so easy to get out to a restaurant now we have a 4 year old son and 9 month old daughter, even less so when on holiday.

That’s why we’ve developed a fascination with Street Food. The informal setting lets you include the kids but the quality can really be astounding. So, during a recent trip to Copenhagen we were delighted to discover Paper Island.

The venue is a large warehouse on its own island over the canal. There is a nice vibe to the place. Wooden picnic tables, graffiti art and permanent kitchen spaces for the stalls mean you can ignore the weather outside and spend a whole afternoon grazing. That is exactly what we did.

We all know how picky 4 year olds can be. Not all the food here was “adult” food. We were able to pick up a good cheap cheese croissant to keep him happy while we tackled the following: (A full list of stalls can be found at the CPH Street Food website)

Round One: Brasa Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ)

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We were sucked in by the free samples of chorizo. As soon as we tasted how tender that was we ordered the Mixed Meat. A good chunk of pork, two chorizo sausages and a chicken thigh. Really really tasty. All the meat tore apart easily and melted in your mouth. Accompanied by sweet corn and roast potatoes it was 129DKK.

Round Two: Banzai Street Sushi

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A really eye catching sign above this stall lures you in as soon as you enter Paper Island. We asked for their recommendation and walked away with the Norwegian roll. Prawn, salmon, avocado, onion and aioli for 125DKK. Normally I’m quite heavy on the soy and wasabi but I didn’t bother with this as the roll itself has such lovely flavour I didn’t want to tarnish it.

Round Three: Marrakech – Moroccan Flatbread

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A simpler stall than others but with three example plates out the front. The large chicken flatbread caught my eye because of the overflowing mozzarella slices. I impulse ordered one and got a plate even bigger than the sample one! My wife questioned what I’d done ordering something so large after the previous two rounds. Once she tasted the chicken she wasn’t questioning it anymore.

Round Four: Desserten – Creme Brülee doughnut

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I took my son for ice cream and returned to find my wife with a creme brülee doughnut. The custard of a typical creme brülee can be found in the centre of the doughnut. Dusted in sugar it is then blow torched and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My wife highly recommends this and I think if it hadn’t been time to go she would have happily had another.

Overall it was our highlight from the family break in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, I believe the contract for usage of the warehouse runs out at the end of 2017. If you are in anyway a street food fan then this is a pilgrimage I massively encourage you to make sooner rather than later. Go, go now – and don’t forget your fork.

Have you been to CPH Street Food and tried stalls we didn’t? Let us know below.

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